paleo buffalo chicken soup

paleo chicken soup


You have to enjoy a dining paleo buffalo chicken soup ?. And here's one of the paleo buffalo chicken soup recipe. He went through the same restaurant taste. There are no bizarre thing. We are confident that paleo buffalo chicken soup, you taste the best soup ever. Now you do not need to go back to find the restaurant. You can use this recipe at home to enjoy freedom of making paleo buffalo chicken soup. This often eating is not a consequence of any. It is 100% healthy. Its strange taste people still running. Skip to put together a vote when not forget this blog. We appreciate it.

You need

One head of cauliflower, chopped.
Four Organic chicken breast.
Two Tbsp Organic chicken stock.
Two Tbsp Organic raw honey.
Three stalks of celery.
One cup Franks red hots sauce.
One onion, diced.
One tsp black pepper.
One Tbsp garlic powder.
Half Tbsp onion powder.
Half cup coconut milk.
Half Tbsp fresh parsley.
Half Tbsp chives.
Half Tbsp dried dill.
Half cup chopped cilantro.

Let's start

Take shape, pumpkin and chicken down, down eight cups of water to heat up. Reduce heat cook the meat. Remove the meat and add the coconut milk, spices, honey and honey sauce. Chicken strips take a little torn. All put decaf, hot fire, heat and leave to twenty minutes.

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